King of the Netherlands visits Eurotransplant Jubilee Congress

Leiden, the Netherlands, August 29, 2017 – Eurotransplant proudly announces the presence of His Majesty the King of the Netherlands at the Eurotransplant Jubilee Congress on the occasion of the 50th anniversary of the organization. Eurotransplant is honored to welcome His Majesty King Willem-Alexander at the Presidential symposium on October 5, 2017. President of the International Board of Eurotransplant Bruno Meiser: “the presence of the King is a symbol of appreciation and reward for the hard work and dedication of the many different people working together in the international Eurotransplant community, as well as for next of kin of organ donors and for patients who await transplantation or have been transplanted.”

Jubilee Book

At the Presidential symposium, His Majesty the King will be offered the 1st edition of a Jubilee Book titled: “Together on a life-saving mission”. This book visualizes 50 years of cooperation, international organ exchange, innovation and research in Eurotransplant. It demonstrates the great impact, added value and importance of Eurotransplant for patients who have been or will be dependent on organ transplantation. The book describes the journey from donor to recipient, the journey of the development of Eurotransplant in 50 years and into the future, and the journey of technology innovation. Moreover, the book focuses on the human perspective of past, current and future generations of all parties involved in the working field of organ donation and transplantation.

A life-saving mission

Together on a life-saving mission: it’s the main theme for the Eurotransplant Jubilee Congress but more importantly it is what Eurotransplant stands for. As the Eurotransplant mission is still as important as it was 50 years ago, the Jubilee Congress focuses on highlighting the achievements of the past and present. Even more important, it also provides a platform for up to 500 participants from different countries to discuss innovations, future technologies and procedures in transplant medicine. Besides organ specific sessions, ethical aspects, political challenges and the many forms of cooperation within and outside Eurotransplant – and even outside of Europe – that have been formed since the start, will be highlighted.

Cooperating saves lives

Eurotransplant is responsible for the allocation of donor organs in Austria, Belgium, Croatia, Germany, Hungary, Luxembourg, the Netherlands and Slovenia. This international collaborative framework includes all transplant programs, tissue-typing laboratories and hospitals where organ donations take place. The allocation system, which has been approved by the national authorities, is based upon medical and ethical criteria in order to ensure an optimal use of available donor organs.


More information

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